International Journal of Anatomical Sciences 2010, 1: 17-20

Research Paper

Greater Splanchnic Nerve

Swayam Jothi S, Hemanth K, Ravi Kumar U, Rajeswara Rao N.

Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute, Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu, India

Key Words: greater splanchnic nerve, sympathectomy.

 Abstract: Sympathectomy is done for relief of pain concerned with abdominal organs such as pancreatic pain. According to Naidoo (2001) establishing a predictable pattern of splanchnic neural anatomy may be of surgical relevance. Therefore an attempt has been made to study the level of origin as well as the pattern of formation of the greater splanchnic nerve in 25 adult cadavers with a view to obtain more information about them to help overcome the failure rate in sympathectomy procedures. The highest level of origin was seen from T4 and the lowest ganglia contributing to the formation of the greater splanchnic nerve was T11.