International Journal of Anatomical Sciences 2010, 1:37-38.

Case Report

Double Dorsalis Pedis Artery – A Rare Case Report

Vijayalakshmi. S, Varsha S.

Department of Anatomy, Saveetha Medical College, Kancheepuram 602 105, Tamil Nadu, India

Key Words: dorsalis pedis artery, anomalous, musculocutaneous flap, peripheral pulse

 Abstract: Dorsalis pedis artery running on the dorsum of the foot is one of the arteries, where peripheral arterial pulsation is felt. Also the musculo-cutaneous flaps based on dorsalis pedis artery are commonly used for reconstructive surgeries. Hence the knowledge of any variation in the course and distribution of dorsalis pedis artery is clinically important. Here a rare case of anomalous dorsalis pedis artery is presented.