International Journal of Anatomical Science 2012, 3(1): 12-13

Case Report

Agenesis of Isthmus of Thyroid Gland – A Cadaveric Study

Radhika Krishnan J, Priya G, Sundarapandian S.

Department of Anatomy, SRM Medical College and Research Centre, SRM University, Kattankulathur 603 203, Tamil Nadu, India.

Key Words: isthmus, agenesis of thyroid isthmus, congenital absence of isthmus

 Abstract: The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland, situated in the lower part of the front and sides of the neck. The gland consists of right and left lobes that are joined to each other by Isthmus lying anterior to the second, third and fourth tracheal rings. A number of morphological variations and developmental anomalies of the thyroid gland have been reported (Dixit D et al., 2009). In this study, an absence of the Isthmus of thyroid gland is observed. The incidences of agenesis of Isthmus, along with the developmental and clinical significance are discussed.