International Journal of Anatomical Sciences 2012, 3(1):14-16

Case Report

 A Rare Anatomical Variation in Medial Root of Azygos Vein with its Embryological Aspect

Seema, Anupama Mahajan

Department of Anatomy, Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Mehta Road, Valla,
Amritsar 143 501, Punjab, India

 Key Words: azygos, mediastinum, hemiazygos, embryological.

 Abstract: The azygos system of veins arises from the vessels in the abdomen and passes into the thorax to form paired trunks that serve as the chief drainage for the abdominal wall and for the contents of the posterior mediastinum. Because of the complex embryological development of these veins many possible variations may be expected to occur. During routine dissection for the azygos system of veins the present adult male cadaver of unknown age was found to have an anatomical rare variation in the formation of the azygos vein. The medial root of formation of azygos vein showed Y shaped pattern and contributed to both azygos and hemiazygos vein formation. The embryological basis of this variation was studied and discussed. The rest of the azygos venous system did not show any variation. These embryological variations are important for the mediastinal surgeons and radiologists to avoid misinterpretations.