International Journal of Anatomical Sciences 2012, 3(2): 36-38

Research Paper

 Study on Struther’s Ligament with Supracondylar Spur / Process and its Clinical Significance

 Ganesan Murugaperumal, Melani Rajendran S

Department of Anatomy, Tagore Medical College and Hospital, Rathnamangalam, Vandalore (PO), Chennai 600 048, Tamil Nadu, India.

Department of Anatomy, Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Porur, Chennai 600 116, Tamil Nadu, India.


Key words: Struthers’ ligament, Supracondylar process, pronator teres muscle, median nerve, brachial artery


Abstract: A study was carried out to find out the prevalence of Struthers’ ligament. Out of 30 upper limbs dissected, in one upper limb, a Struther’s ligament had been identified. Its attachments, relationships to a rudimentary supracondylar process, the pronator teres muscle, median nerve, brachial artery and the medial epicondyle of the humerus were studied.