International Journal of Anatomical Sciences 2011, 2(2):31-33

Case Report

Incomplete Horizontal Fissure of Right Lung – A Case Report

Kirubhanand C, Tamilselvi P, Sridhar Skylab R, Sankar V.

 Department of Anatomy,Dr.A.L.M.Postgraduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Madras, Taramani Campus, Chennai 600 113, Tamilnadu, India

 Abstract: The right lung has two fissures, an oblique and a horizontal, dividing it into three lobes namely the upper, middle and lower. The anomaly of the fissure pattern has been described by many radiologist, whereas, there were only fewer studies on gross anatomical specimens. The present case describes a peculiar incomplete horizontal fissure which started from the oblique fissure but did not traversed backwards towards the medial surface of the lung. Anatomical knowledge of anomalies of fissures and lobes of lungs is important for surgeons performing lobectomies, radiologists interpreting X-ray and CT scans and also of academic interest to all medical personnel.