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From Editor’s Desk

It has been my privilege and honor to be the Editor-in-Chief of this prestigious Journal of the Association of Anatomists, Tamil Nadu which has a long and unforgettable heritage. Along with the advent of the Association of Anatomists, Tamil Nadu, it was decided to commence a scientific journal to foster the two primary objectives of the association viz promotion of science and encouraging younger generation to participate in scientific endeavors. I am happy to state that our association and the journal, which have been steadily marching past silver jubilee, have ignited scientific aspirations in several young minds through various activities like annual conferences, publication of papers and conducting dissertation competitions.

Time has come to take our journal to newer heights and I have great pleasure in announcing that we have taken the following steps in bringing our journal to international standards.

  • First, renaming our journal as International Journal of Anatomical Sciences (abbreviated as IJAS)
  • Second, the journal shall be made online with a dedicated online portal for manuscript management and publication.
  • Third, converting our journal into an open access type to improve international readership and thereby ensuring wider reach.
  • Finally, to implement stringent quality control through anonymous review mechanism.

I am happy to state that all the above tasks have been accomplished and that the current issue is the first issue of the International Journal of Anatomical Sciences. The editorial team will very much appreciate receiving comments and suggestions for the improvement of the journal and also request the co-operation of all the members of our association.

May god bless the Association and the IJAS

A. Krishnamurti


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