International Journal of Anatomical Sciences 2014, 5(2): 43-45

Research Article

Morphometric Study of the Foramen Magnum in Adult Human Skulls in South Indian Population

Sumana R, Kirubhanand C, Shradha Iddalgave,

Department of Anatomy, Karuna Medical College, Vilayodi, Palakkad- 678 103, Kerala, India.

Key words : foramen magnum, morphology, morphometry, skull

Abstract: The morphometric evaluation of foramen magnum is interesting due to its relation with its contents. The aim of the present study was to conduct a morphometric analysis of foramen magnum. Completely ossified 100 adult human dry skulls of unknown age and sex were taken primarily from the Department of Anatomy of Karuna Medical College, Vilayodi, Palakkad were used for the study.