Complex Congenital Heart disease with Sacral Agenesis – a Case Report

Srimathi T.

Department of Anatomy, Sri Ramachandra University, Porur, Chennai 600 116, Tamil Nadu, India.

Key Words: congenital heart disease, sacral agenesis

Abstract: Complex congenital heart anomalies are less common. A thirty years old third gravida treated for secondary infertility, gestational diabetes mellitus and hypertension was admitted in Sri Ramachandra Medical College Hospital near term with  a  breech  presentation  of  the  fetus.  Labour  was  induced  due  to  Gestational diabetes and fetal bradycardia. She delivered by vaginal delivery / assisted breech delivery with episiotomy. The child had neonatal respiratory distress, did not cry at birth and was not breast feeding well. The child was treated in the neonatal Intensive care unit for the same. The foetal echocardiogram revealed small left ventricle, dilated right ventricle, single outflow from Right ventricle and probable Truncus arteriosus. Infantogram revealed cardiomegaly and Sacral Agenesis. The case is unique for its rarity and its embryological significance.